Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WINNER {Feast on the Farm Wreath} Giveaway has selected the winner of the Giveaway......

The number generated was, believe it or not... 1!!!
Triza Bateman, you've WON!!  Thank you to everyone who entered and shared the giveaway with your friends!
And thank you again to Lola Floral for providing the beautiful wreath, and Cedarbrook Lavender for the beautiful lavender!
Now Triza, we expect you to tell us all the amazing things you make with the herbs on the wreath!

Have a great day-


  1. The pressure is on now! Thanks Tracie, the bunch, and Lola Floral!

  2. Neato!
    Thanks Tracie and congrats Triza! I hope you have a merry Christmas!


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