Monday, April 1, 2013

Recap- Easter Decor

I hope you all were able to spend time with friends and family this Easter.  My little family had a fabulous weekend, busy- but so fulfilling.

I know that Easter is over now, but I still need to share with you the decor from my Easter Pinterest Party!!! Love something you see?  Pin it, and then you will have ideas for next Spring!

Here are the lovely ladies from my gathering, and some of the decor we made!

Here is the Pinterest board that we all worked off of.  And below that are after photos of each of the items that I made!  

 The 2x4 Block Sign is double sided- a great idea by Dani Jo- it says "Spring" on one side so you can display it even after the Hippity Hopping is done for the year!

And finally, my addition- which was my Fabric Swatch Easter Egg Specimen Art (You Can Click on the photo to get the tutorial):

Like I said, Pin them to your Easter Board so you have some fun items to look forward to crafting next year!

Have a great Monday evening!

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  1. I miss the pinterest parties! Great crafts!


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