Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Pinterest Party Decor Post Delay...

I Apologize

This weekend has already been so fulfilling and we still have one day left!  I promised a 3 part (3 consecutive day) blog post on my Easter Pinterest Party--- My decor post is delayed... a few days.  But, for very good reason.  

Family Time

Our little family does not have much time together usually.  My husband took Friday, Saturday (he normally does have Sundays off) and Monday off this Easter Weekend!  We headed up north on Friday midday to stay overnight at my Uncle Scott's house in the Countryside of Bellingham.  It's SO BEAUTIFUL and peaceful there, I feel refreshed.  Even after hosting my best friend Toni's Jelly Bean Themed Co-Ed Baby shower, AND driving home tonight- putting my Easter Breakfast meal together, being Easter Bunny and doing Madisyn's Basket and Stuffing Eggs with my Hubby and writing this quick post.  
The Jelly Bean Baby Shower was fabulous and I cannot wait to share!

Thank you for being understanding that my decor post is delayed- I am planning to close your Easter Evening with some little lovelies tomorrow!  

I hope you have a Peaceful Easter with family and friends!

& Toni

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