Friday, July 12, 2013

Backyard Garden Fence Quote Project--- I need your help...

Hello Friends!  I have come up with a really fun idea to make use of some large vintage windows that were given to me.  The large ones are always hard to make use of- and I have a surplus, so I've been trying to think of a way to use them in our back yard to add some personality.
We are renting, so we have not created any "outdoor" spaces like I would in a home I own, but a project like this could be taken with us when we go, so it is perfect.

I want to take these:

Add some bright and beautiful vinyl quotes or designs and hang them along this fence:

So, I can't decide on a theme; should it be garden or growth themed using the same or a similar quote to the one I put on my Barnwood and Vintage Window Planter Box?  I do love that quote, and I could spread it out over the 5 windows.

Or I could just do inspirational words?

Or images- like a vine, or simple single color flowers such as these- Just one Large per window-

What do you think would be cool?

I'd love to hear your opinions/ideas.  Please comment and have a great Friday!  The WEEKEND is upon us!


  1. I like the flowers or vine idea. I'm sure whatever you do will look great!

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