Tuesday, November 19, 2013

{vintage Cowgirl Thank You}- Shutterfly Practical Gift Pt. 1

*This post is part of a sponsored collaboration between Shutterfly and LooksiSquare. I received product compensation, but all opinions are {honestly} my own!*

All of you know one of my favorite little things to write about it the little Miss Madisyn.  And well, she turned {2} in September.  I had a big, beautiful COWGIRL Birthday Party planned for her, and LIFE HAPPENED>  and we had to cancel it.  I was BEYOND SAD to not be able to throw her this 2nd Birthday Rodeo- but we did have a very nice intimate party with our little family and my parents for her.  It was a special time with great memories and that is what is important.  [However, I do plan on throwing her a 2.5 Party for all her friends in March, because I can't stomach not getting to put together the party I planned every little detail for].  

Shutterfly and Looksi Square provided an opportunity for me to incorporate some of Shutterfly's awesome photo-gifts as a part of Madisyn's Birthday- and even though I wasn't able to use them for her BIG PARTY, they are so versatile I was able to figure out a great use for them [even after they had been ordered and the party cancelled].  I am excited to tell you about both the way I had PLANNED to use them and how they actually were used.

Pt. 1

The first photo-gift I got to play with was their Gift Tags.  So cute, and so many adorable choices, but they had one tag PERFECT for her Rodeo...
Cowboy Hero Gift Tag, they call it.  I had intended to make the CUTEST Stick Horse toys for all of Madisyn's little guests {and I still will, so I'm not going to divulge all the details of that project, you have to wait until March *wink*}.  There will be a Rodeo Corral (just like this) where each little Cowboy/Cowgirl will find a special set of Party Favors:  A Hat, Bandanna, Sheriff Badge and there own Ride-able Horse.  These Cowboy Hero Gift Tags I had intended on using to identify which party favor set was for which guest.  And it the Gift Tags allowed for Madisyn to get to make each of her guests feel welcome, wanted and say THANK YOU all in one place.

How I ended up actually using the tag, was JUST AS SPECIAL-

For our friends and family that ended up sending Madi a gift, or a card, we needed a special way to thank them, since we didn't get to celebrate WITH them.  We had photos taken with the lovely Miss Lindsay of Lindsay Porter Photography the week before Madisyn's Birthday so that we could use the photos at her party.  These prints ended up becoming the main feature inside the Thank You's.

Follow my photos below to see how some Vintage Book Pages, a stamp, photo prints, ribbon and the Shutterfly Gift Tags came together to be mailed off as special Thank You's.

After folding it all down, I used a rubber stamp to stamp some THANK YOU's  [This could be done with any message, for any occasion].

After the paper was all folded around the photos, and stamped with the message, I wrote out the Gift Tag for the recipient.  

A rectangular whole punch on each side of the Tag, and some ribbon through the holes held it all together.

Cute, Right?!  Well, wait till you see my Pt. 2 with the OTHER Photo Gift Madisyn got to enjoy for her birthday!

ALSO< Shuterfly and Looksi Square have put together an opportunity for you to win $100!!! More info in tomorrow's Pt. 2 post.

To see more great gift ideas from Shutterfly, take a look at the special  Looksi Square - Shutterfly holiday gift collection on Friday, November 22.

Ya'll come back now, Ya'hear!

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  1. I love this idea!! I love how you used a book page to wrap the photos in, and threaded the ribbon through the gift tags. Very clever. :)

  2. What an adorable and thoughtful idea! LOVE!

    1. Thank you Amy!!! They were very fun to work with!


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