Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Pinterest Party

Happy Valentine's Day Friends!  

In the spirit of love- thank you for following my blog and being such a loyal fan!  I want to share with you something that you will LOVE if you are addicted to Pinterest and like to craft holiday decor!  
A good friend of mine, Melissa Flores, started a trend in my crafty little world a few months ago when she invited me to a Halloween Pinterest Party.  Since she hosted the Halloween Version, I've invited all my friends over for a Christmas and Valentines day Parties!  
"What's a Pinterest Party," you say?!  Well, here is the wording from my invitations:
***A side note about invitations:  I just create an event on facebook to invite my friends- Its easiest for people to RSVP that way and I don't have to spend time making invitations,  because you know I wouldn't be able to just do something simple- BUT, if you have the time and the desire- themed invitations would be adorable as well!)***

Make sense?  Its SOOOO fun!  

Lets start with food.  

Valentines is associated with sweets, and it seemed like that's what inspired my friends for this party.
The Strawberry Shortcake was so good, we didn't get a photo before it was gone, so I graciously borrowed the photo from the beautiful blog, Stone Gable.  Lindsay and Jodi brought items that were recipes of their own; the Muffins (which she subbed quinoa flour, flax meal as an egg replacement and used coconut oil instead of canola, then sprinkled coconut on top) and the Guacamole- those were also BIG HITS and I didn't get photos of them, so sorry.

And for the Setting

Hosting any gathering at my house is a benefit to me.  It forces me to spend a morning gathering all the loose ends around my house and putting them where they belong.  It feels so good when everything is in its place!  Hosting also means that I get to make my house pretty with the themed decor BEFORE everyone comes over!  Here are a few shots of some of the Valentines Decor I put up for the party (and to enjoy afterwards with the additions I created at the party).

And finally, our Projects:

You can click each image for the PIN to find the tutorial!

Everything turned out so well!

It is so nice to have conversation with my lady friends on a regular basis- and this crafty gathering is a GREAT EXCUSE!  If you would like to start hosting Pinterest Party's and need a little help, I'd love to answer any questions- please don't hesitate to contact me!  I'll close with a couple of photos of the projects I got to make added into my Valentine Decor.  Thank you to Heather for taking some awesome photos!
Again, Happy Valentine's Day to you- I hope it is full of LOVE!  So excited for our Easter Edition Party in two weeks!


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