Sunday, June 2, 2013

*Shutterfly and Looksi* Photo Storage and Display Cabinet Update

The Power of 3

We have had 3 sessions working on the photo cabinet so far, and I think it'll only take 3 more!  I wanted to give a little sneak peak, because I LOVE the way its coming together.
Having three Capable and Creative Minds working together on this project has definitely been a benefit.  My dear friend Serena, and the Hubby and I have combined inspiration from the following 3 sources:

Beautiful Yellow Cabinet

I was not able to find an original source for this photo- but this is the style and design we decided would look best to incorporate the vintage window for the door.

Ana White Plans

Because of the size of the windows we are using for the doors, we decided for this project, to make it a one door cabinet.  Otherwise it would have been a very large price of furniture, and that is not the intent.  The goal for our finished piece is for it to house 12x12 scrapbook albums, regular photo albums, two storage bins and some mini books.  We don't need a two door cabinet for this.  SO, we modeled our design after the cabinet above, but made A LOT of modifications, specifically for height, and to work around the window.

After completing our design and getting most of our wood cut in the first session with the three of us, I got the frame complete in the second, short session and tonight, Kyle and I got to the point where we were able to decide on a finish.


I came up with the idea of having a stained wood top to the cabinet in our first session, but with all the beautiful wood we've used, I wanted to showcase it more throughout the piece.  The solution I've talked Kyle into= stained side panels, top, and interior shelves with a painted frame!  When I first thought of it, I wasn't sure it would look good, so I did a quick search for "two-toned cabinet- paint and stain" and came up with this BEAUTIFUL chest of drawers created by The Golden Sycamore.

So, it is settled.  The frame will be a beautiful "slate blue" and the rest will be stained dark.  Check out our progress!!!!

What do you think?
My final result for the Shutterfly and Looksi Sponsored Project will be posted no later than June 17th!  Can't wait to share!  A Big thanks to Serena and Kyle for all their help!  Its much more fun with 3!

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