Thursday, March 28, 2013

A VERY Easy Sweet Treat

I enjoy baking- but the fact of the matter is, I AM TERRIBLE AT IT.  I don't like to measure- and that never seems to work out in my favor when it comes to baking.  The one thing I do make on a regular basis is bananna bread- it seems that is pretty hard to mess up, because mine almost always comes out yummy, and I always try new recipes.

For my Easter Pinterest Party I wanted to make a sweet something- and I wanted to to be pretty.  Since I made the Sparkling Lemonade, I thought it would be fun to come up with a treat that was also Strawberry/Lemon.  So I started searching for some pins, and came up with this:

My mom had given me some personal sized gram-cracker crust tins, so this was perfect!
I followed the directions on the side of the Jello Lemon Pudding box and poured the liquid pudding into each individual pie crust.  Before the pudding was to set, I chopped up some strawberries into little squares and sprinkled them in the middle of the pies.  Refrigerated for 3 hours and then garnished with Mint!  

So easy, and so YUMMY!
They looked beautiful on my Easter Party Table and tasted great with the Strawberry Lemonade!

Until tomorrow when I share with you our Easter Decor Crafts!

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